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Ballads and Other Poems

      Sometimes sentimental, sometimes romantic, these poems tell a story or relate an attitute, an opinion, a feeling or an emotion with God at the center.

The Assembly Of The Dead - "Dr. Reid, a traveller through the highlands of Peru, is said to have found in the desert of Alcoam .....read more
Littlewit And Loftus - John Littlewit, friends, was a credulous man. In the good time long ago, Ere men had gone wi .....read more
To A Motherless Babe - Why art thou here, little, motherless one,-- Why art thou here in this bleak world alone? With that .....read more
The Caged Bird's Song - Merrily! Merrily! Tschee! tschee! tschee! What can the meaning of these things be? Tiniest buds .....read more
Crossing The Red Sea - Before them lay the heaving deep Behind, the foemen pressed; And every face grew dark with fear, And .....read more
Sault Saint Marie - Laughing and singing With rhythmical flow, Leaping and springing, O light-hearted Sault!-- Tossing .....read more
Good Night - Good night, good night!--the day Slowly has borne away, Music and light; Once more the starry trai .....read more
The Old Church Choir - I am slowly treading the mazy track That leadeth, through sunshine and shadows, back-- Through fres .....read more
Shall Be Free - "ALL PERSON'S HELD AS SLAVES, within said designated States and parts of States, ARE, AND HENCEFORWA .....read more
Till To-Morrow - Good night! good night!--the golden day Has veiled its sunset beam, And twilight's star its beauteou .....read more
The Ploughman - Tearing up the stubborn soil, Trudging, drudging, toiling, moiling, Hands, and feet, and garments so .....read more
Eloise - Eloise! Eloise! It is morn on the seas, And the waters are curling and flashing; And our rock-shel .....read more
Three For Three - "Giving up three for one!"--mother, You said in the long ago, When father, yourself, and John, mothe .....read more
Greeting Hymn - The gliding years have rolled along, And once again we come, With greeting hand and choral song, To .....read more
Come Home - Come home! come home! O loved and lost, we sigh Thus, ever, while the weary days go by, And bring th .....read more
Chlodine - We met one fresh June-morn, Chlodine, Where two roads came together; I'd travelled far through storm .....read more
The Stray Lamb. A Grandmother's Story - We had finished our pitiful morsel, And both sat in silence a while; At length we looked up at each .....read more
Time For Bed - "Time for bed!"--the weary day With its toils has passed away Sol has wrapped his forehead bright I .....read more
Honor To Labor - HONOR TO LABOR!--it giveth health; Honor to labor!--it bringeth wealth; Honor to labor!--our gloriou .....read more
The Miser - The night was dark and dreary, And the autumn-wind went by With a sound like Sorrow's wailing In its .....read more
Broken - I. Broken! It's only a ring--a plain, old ring, Worn down to a thread almost-- Fling it awa .....read more
Johanna - 'Twas a balmy day in Autumn, In the drowsy, dreamy Autumn, When from out the quiet woodland Sounds o .....read more
The Drunkard's Child - A little child stood moaning At the hour of midnight lone, And no human ear was list'ning To the fee .....read more
One Certainty - Vanity of vanities, the Preacher saith, All things are vanity. The eye and ear Cannot be filled with .....read more
A Testimony - I said of laughter, it is vain. Of mirth I said, what profits it? Therefore I found a book, and writ .....read more
Sleep At Sea - Sound the deep waters:-- Who shall sound that deep?-- Too short the plummet, And the watchmen sleep. .....read more
Old And New Year Ditties - 1. New Year met me somewhat sad: Old Year leaves me tired, Stripped of favorite things I had, Balked .....read more
Mother Country - Oh what is that country And where can it be, Not mine own country, But dearer far to me? Yet mine ow .....read more
Hymn Of The City - Not in the solitude Alone may man commune with Heaven, or see, Only in savage wood And sunny vale .....read more
What The Voice Said - Maddened by Earth's wrong and evil, "Lord!" I cried in sudden ire, "From Thy right hand, clothed wit .....read more
My Soul And I - Stand still, my soul, in the silent dark I would question thee, Alone in the shadow drear and stark .....read more
The Two Angels - God called the nearest angels who dwell with Him above: The tenderest one was Pity, the dearest one .....read more
The Minister's Daughter - In the minister's morning sermon He had told of the primal fall, And how thenceforth the wrath of Go .....read more
The King's Missive - Under the great hill sloping bare To cove and meadow and Common lot, In his council chamber and oake .....read more
Cassandra Southwick - Last night I saw the sunset melt through my prison bars, Last night across my damp earth floor fell .....read more
How The Women Went From Dover - The tossing spray of Cocheco's fall Hardened to ice on its rocky wall, As through Dover town in the .....read more
The Meeting - The elder folk shook hands at last, Down seat by seat the signal passed. To simple ways like ours un .....read more
Extract From Miriam - And my friend queried how it came To pass that they who owned the same Great Master still could not .....read more
The Quakers Are Out - (A campaign song for the 1860 election, in which Pennsylvania voted earlier than other states, and L .....read more
The Mayflowers - Sad Mayflower! watched by winter stars, And nursed by winter gales, With petals of the sleeted spars .....read more
Fallen Is Thy Throne - Fallen is thy Throne, oh Israel! Silence is o'er thy plains; Thy dwellings all lie desolate, Thy chi .....read more
There Is A Bleak Desert - There is a bleak Desert, where daylight grows weary Of wasting its smile on a region so dreary-- Wha .....read more

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