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Easter Poems

      Christian Easter poems featuring the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary's cross, his burial, and resurrection, bringing us the way to eternal life.

Love - For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God. - .....read more
The Travelers - Away from the city, away from the crowd, Two comrades in sorrow traversed hill and dale; The gloom o .....read more
Religion and Doctrine - He stood before the Sanhedrim; The scowling rabbis gazed at him. He recked not of their praise or bl .....read more
Sinai and Calvary - There are two mountains hallowed By majesty sublime, Which rear their crests unconquered Above the f .....read more
Long Barren - Thou who didst hang upon a barren tree, My God, for me; Though I till now be barren, now at length, .....read more
Good Friday - Am I a stone and not a sheep That I can stand, O Christ, beneath Thy Cross, To number drop by drop T .....read more
Behold The Man - Shall Christ hang on the Cross, and we not look? Heaven, earth, and hell stood gazing at the first, .....read more
The Descent From The Cross - Is this the Face that thrills with awe Seraphs who veil their face above? Is this the Face without a .....read more
It Is Finished - Dear Lord, let me recount to Thee Some of the great things thou hast done For me, even me Thy little .....read more
An Easter Carol - Spring bursts to-day, For Christ is risen and all the earth's at play. Flash forth, thou Sun, The .....read more
Mary Magdalene And The Other Mary - Our Master lies asleep and is at rest; His Heart has ceased to bleed, His Eye to weep. The sun asham .....read more
The Crucifixion - Sunlight upon Judha's hills! And on the waves of Galilee; On Jordan's stream, and on the rills That .....read more
An Easter Flower Gift - O dearest bloom the seasons know, Flowers of the Resurrection blow, Our hope and faith restore; And .....read more

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