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Christian Living Poems

      A selection of poetry of faith, hope, endurance, and encouragement in evangelism as we live the Christian life day to day, waiting for that sure hope.

Living And Dying - Living for Christ, I die;--how strange, that I, Thus dying, live,--and yet, thus living, die! Living .....read more
Look Up - Christian, lookup? thy feet may slide; This is a slippery way! Yet One is walking by thy side Whose .....read more
I Will Not Despair - I will not despair while thou rulest the storm, Though the red lightning stream o'er the cloud's sab .....read more
Be Still - O throbbing heart, be still! Canst thou not bear The heavy dash of Memory's troubled tide, Long st .....read more
Idle - "Work to-day in my vineyard!" Hast thou, then, been called to labor In the vineyard of thy Lo .....read more
Brethren, Go! - Brethren, go! the day is bright'ning As the sultry noon steals on, And the fields, already whit'ning .....read more
Our Field Is The World - Our field is the world!--let us forth to the sowing, O'er valley and mountain, o'er desert and plain .....read more
An Old Lesson In A New Dress, An Allegory - "Here is a lantern, my little boy," Said a father to his child, "And yonder's a wood, a lonely wood, .....read more
The Cry Of The Karens - A voice from the distant East-- A voice from a far-off shore-- A voice from the perishing tribes of .....read more
Alone - Alone, alone!--the night is very silent, Voiceless the stars are, and the pallid moon Through the un .....read more
Patience - I. I saw how the patient Sun Hasted untiringly The self-same old race to run; Never aspiringl .....read more
Strike The Chords Softly - Strike the chords softly with tremulous fingers, While, on the threshold of happiest years, For a br .....read more
The Earth Voice And Its Answer - I plucked a fair flower that grew In the shadow of summer's green trees-- A rose petalled flower, .....read more
Let Us Pray - Bow the head in supplication, Lowly, penitent, sincere, Worthiest of adoration, God, the Holy One is .....read more
Now - "Now is the accepted time." Now, sinner, now! Not in the future, when thy longed-for measur .....read more
Heart Of Music - Thou hast marked the lonely river, On whose waveless bosom lay Some deep mountain-shadow ever, Dark' .....read more
Onward - Onward, still on!--though the pathway be dreary,-- Though few be the fountains that gladden the way, .....read more
Looking Back - Do the dancing leaves of summer To the time of buds look back?-- Does the river moan regretful For t .....read more
Weary - Weary of dreaming what never comes true, Weary of thinking what never is new, Of endeav'ring, yet ne .....read more
The Body To The Soul - O tyrant soul of mine, What's the use Of this never-ceasing toil, Of this struggle, this turmoil, .....read more
Not Yet - "Go thy way, and when I have a more convenient season I will call for thee." "The harvest is past .....read more
I Shall Be Satisfied - I shall be satisfied when I awaken In thy dear likeness, my King and my Lord,-- When the dark prison .....read more
Go And Dream No More - Go, dream no more of a sun-bright sky With never a cloud to dim!-- Thou hast seen the storm in its .....read more
Be In Earnest - Be in earnest, Christian toilers, Life is not the summer, dream Of the careless, child that gathers .....read more
Hymn on Charity - Nor faith, nor hope, whate'er their force, Can aught avail the soul, Should charity not guide its co .....read more
Hymn of Mercy - Lord whose eyes every heart in existence survey, Who canst regulate all with thy merciful sway, From .....read more
A Morning Hymn - Awake my soul! in cheerful mood, Thy matin thanks to pay! The God, who gives thee rest, and food, Di .....read more

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