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Patriotic Poems

      Words of faith and hope in God, with a ring of patriotism and love of one's country and heroes of the past, placed by God in the Land of the free.

Our Country - Over the waves of the Western sea, Led by the hand of Hope she came-- The beautiful Angel of Liberty .....read more
Our Nation's Birthday, An Ode to Canada - Ring out your glad peals of rejoicing! Wake Music's enlivening strain! Let the sound float abroad o' .....read more
Abraham Lincoln - No martyr-blood hath ever flowed in vain!-- No patriot bled, that proved not freedom's gain! Those .....read more
Canada - Fair land of peace!--to Britain's rule and throne Adherent still, yet happier than alone, And free a .....read more
Our Hero - Onward to her destination, O'er the stream the Hannah sped, When a cry of consternation Smote and .....read more
God Bless Our Native Land - God bless our native land, Land of the newly free, Oh may she ever stand For truth and liberty. Go .....read more
Home, Sweet Home - Sharers of a common country, They had met in deadly strife; Men who should have been as brothers M .....read more
A Story Of The Rebellion - The treacherous sands had caught our boat, And held it with a strong embrace And death at our impri .....read more
An Appeal To My Countrywomen - You can sigh o'er the sad-eyed Armenian Who weeps in her desolate home. You can mourn o'er the exil .....read more
Then And Now - "Build me a nation," said the Lord. The distant nations heard the word, Build me a nation true and s .....read more
Do Not Cheer, Men Are Dying - Do not cheer, for men are dying From their distant homes in pain; And the restless sea is darkened .....read more
Protest - To sit in silence when we should protest Makes cowards out of men. The human race Has climbed on pro .....read more
America - I am the refuge of all the oppressed, I am the boast of the free, I am the harbour where ships may r .....read more
Memorial Day - The quiet graves of our country's braves Through thirty Junes and Decembers Have solemnly lain unde .....read more
The American Flag - When Freedom from her mountain height Unfurled her standard to the air, She tore the azure robe of .....read more
Boston Hymn - The word of the Lord by night To the watching Pilgrims came, As they sat beside the seaside, And fil .....read more
The Colored Soldiers - If the muse were mine to tempt it And my feeble voice were strong, If my tongue were trained to meas .....read more

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