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Poems about Jesus

      Christian poetry about the Lord Jesus Christ, with inspirational Christian poems that glorify Jesus our Lord, saviour, master, God, and shepherd.

Go Wander - Go, wander, little book, Nor let thy wand'ring cease; May all who on these pages look From sin find .....read more
Daybreak - Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. -Song of Solomon 4:6. Gleaming softly, silver .....read more
He Had Not Where To Lay His Head - The conies had their hiding-place, The wily fox with stealthy tread A covert found, but Christ, the .....read more
My Friend - When first I looked upon the face of Pain I shrank repelled, as one shrinks from a foe Who stands wi .....read more
Plea To Science - O Science, reaching backward through the distance, Most earnest child of God, Exposing all the secr .....read more
What Would It Be - Now what were the words of Jesus, And what would He pause and say, If we were to meet in home or str .....read more
Under His Shadow - "Under His shadow," with Christ alone Here, love He whispers in tenderest tone, Treasures unfolding, .....read more
I am Thine - Jesus Master! I am Thine, Keep me faithful keep me near, Let Thy presence in me shine All my homewa .....read more
The Shepherd - How sweet is the Shepherd's sweet lot! From the morn to the evening he stays; He shall follow his sh .....read more
Despised And Rejected - My sun has set, I dwell In darkness as a dead man out of sight; And none remains, not one, that I sh .....read more
Receive Thy Sight - When the blind suppliant in the way, By friendly hands to Jesus led, Prayed to behold the light of d .....read more
Love To The Church - I love thy kingdom, Lord, The house of thine abode, The church our blest Redeemer saved With his own .....read more
The Healer - So stood of old the holy Christ Amidst the suffering throng; With whom His lightest touch sufficed T .....read more
Behold The Sun - Behold the Sun, how bright From yonder East he springs, As if the soul of life and light Were breath .....read more

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