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Poems on Heaven

      How sweet will be the rest of Heaven, to a fadeless treasure. Poems about our heavenly home beyond the sky, dwelling with our dear Savior forevermore.

Memory Bells - Up from the spirit-depths ringing, Softly your melody swells, Sweet as a seraphim's singing, Tender- .....read more
Rest In Heaven - When tossed on time's tempestuous tide, By angry storms resistless driven, One hope can bid our fear .....read more
Fellowship With Christ - To pray as Jesus prayed, When faithless brethren sleep,-- To weep the ruin sin has made-- The only o .....read more
After Fifty Years - Just fifty years, my daughters, Just fifty years, my son, Since your sire and I together The march o .....read more
Rich And Poor - Old Aleck, the weaver, sat in the nook Of his chimney, reading an ancient book, Old, and yellow, an .....read more
One By One - One by one, ye are passing, beloved, Out of the shadow into the light. One by one, Are your tasks .....read more
From The Old To The New. Lines For The New Year - I hear the beat of the unresting tide On either shore as swiftly on I glide With eager haste the na .....read more
No Other - Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among me .....read more
Abide With Us - "Abide with us!" Where could we go? Thou art our strength, thou art our tower, Our refuge from the i .....read more
Musings - "Childhood and youth are vanity." Often o'er life's pathway straying Come sweet strains of lo .....read more
The Pure In Heart Shall See God - They shall see Him in the crimson flush Of morning's early light, In the drapery of sunset, Around .....read more
Beyond - It seemeth such a little way to me Across to that strange country--the Beyond; And yet, not strange, .....read more
Assertion - I am serenity. Though passions beat Like mighty billows on my helpless heart, I know beyond them li .....read more
Occupation - There must in heaven be many industries And occupations, varied, infinite; Or heaven could not be he .....read more
His Presence - Oh Saviour if Thy presence here Can such bright joy impart What must it be in that sweet home Wh .....read more
Is it for Me - Is it for me, dear Saviour Thy Glory and Thy rest? For me, so weak and sinful oh, shall I thus be .....read more
Paradise - Once in a dream I saw the flowers That bud and bloom in Paradise; More fair they are than waking eye .....read more
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills - I am pale with sick desire, For my heart is far away From this world's fitful fire And this world's .....read more
Saints And Angels - It's oh in Paradise that I fain would be, Away from earth and weariness and all beside; Earth is too .....read more
All Saints - They are flocking from the East And the West, They are flocking from the North And the South, Every .....read more
A Hope Carol - A night was near, a day was near; Between a day and night I heard sweet voices calling clear, Callin .....read more
This World Is All A Fleeting Show - This world is all a fleeting show, For man's illusion given; The smiles of joy, the tears of woe, De .....read more
Like Morning, When Her Early Breeze - Like morning, when her early breeze Breaks up the surface of the seas, That, in those furrows, dark .....read more

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