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Inspirational Christian Poems

      Christian poems with spiritual inspiration. Poems of love, hope, faith and encouragement, and centered around God and living the Christian life.

My Baptismal Birth-Day - God's child in Christ adopted,-Christ my all,- What that earth boasts were not lost cheaply, rather .....read more
Psalm XXIII - The shepherd Christ from heav'n arriv'd, My flesh and spirit feeds; I shall not therefore be depriv' .....read more
Mirth - If you are merry, sing away, And touch the organs sweet; This is the Lord's triumphant day, Ye child .....read more
Wealth - He heapeth up riches and knoweth not who shall gather them. -Psalm 39:6. O soul, it is not th .....read more
Ring The Bells - Ring out the bells of heaven! Obey the great command, That all may hear their melody On mountain, se .....read more
In Sincerity - Grace be with them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. -Ephesians 6:24. Thou sadden .....read more
A Grain Of Sand - Do you see this grain of sand Lying loosely in my hand? Do you know to me it brought Just a simple l .....read more
The Building - "Build me a house," said the Master, "But not on the shifting sand, Mid the wreck and roar of tempe .....read more
Renewal Of Strength - The prison-house in which I live Is falling to decay, But God renews my spirit's strength, Within .....read more
Truth - A rock, for ages, stern and high, Stood frowning 'gainst the earth and sky, And never bowed his haug .....read more
Save The Boys - Like Dives in the deeps of Hell I cannot break this fearful spell, Nor quench the fires I've madly n .....read more
The Refiner's Gold - He stood before my heart's closed door, And asked to enter in; But I had barred the passage o'er B .....read more
Songs For The People - Let me make the songs for the people, Songs for the old and young; Songs to stir like a battle-cry .....read more
The Burdens Of All - We may sigh o'er the heavy burdens Of the black, the brown and white; But if we all clasped hands t .....read more
As You Go Through Life - Don't look for the flaws as you go through life; And even when you find them, It is wise and kind t .....read more
Nothing But Stones - I think I never passed so sad an hour, Dear friend, as that one at the church to-night. The edifice .....read more
Guerdon - Upon the white cheek of the Cherub Year I saw a tear. Alas! I murmured, that the Year should borrow .....read more
The River - I am a river flowing from God's sea Through devious ways. He mapped my course for me; I cannot chang .....read more
The Men-Made Gods - Said the Kaiser's god to the god of the Czar: 'Hark, hark, how my people pray. Their faith, methink .....read more
The Peace Angel - Angel of Peace, the hounds of war, Unleashed, are all abroad, And war's foul trade again is made Ma .....read more
As By Fire - Sometimes I feel so passionate a yearning For spiritual perfection here below, This vigorous frame, .....read more
The Broken Field - My soul is a dark ploughed field In the cold rain; My soul is a broken field Ploughed by pain. Where .....read more
Wishing - Do you wish the world were better? Let me tell you what to do: Set a watch upon your actions, Keep .....read more
Presumption - Whenever I am prone to doubt or wonder - I check myself, and say, "That mighty One Who made the sol .....read more
Which Are You - There are two kinds of people on earth to-day; Just two kinds of people, no more, I say. Not the sin .....read more
What They Saw - Sad man, Sad man, tell me, pray, What did you see to-day? I saw the unloved and unhappy old, waiting .....read more
It All Will Come Out Right - Whatever is a cruel wrong, Whatever is unjust, The honest years that speed along Will trample in t .....read more
Life's Track - This game of life is a dangerous play, Each human soul must watch alway, From the first to the very .....read more
Mistakes - God sent us here to make mistakes, To strive, to fail, to re-begin, To taste the tempting fruit of .....read more
If - If all the sermons good men preach And all the precepts that they teach Were gathered into one Unbro .....read more
Thy Will Be Done - Sometimes the silver cord of life Is loosed at one brief stroke; As when the elements at strife, Wit .....read more
The Church At Stratford-On-Avon - One autumn day, when hedges yet were green, And thick-branched trees diffused a leafy gloom, Hard b .....read more
Carving A Name - I wrote my name upon the sand, And trusted it would stand for aye; But, soon, alas! the refluent se .....read more
Springs of Peace - Springs of peace, when conflict heightens Thine uplifted eye shall see, Peace that strengthens calms .....read more
The King of Love - The King of Love my Shepherd is Whose goodness faileth never, I nothing lack if I am His And He is .....read more
Of Him That Was Ready To Perish - Lord, I am waiting, weeping, watching for Thee: My youth and hope lie by me buried and dead, My wand .....read more

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