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Christmas Poems

      Christian poems of Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus, the coming of the Messiah and glory to God in the highest, peace and good will to men.

A Christmas Carol - I The shepherds went their hasty way, And found the lowly stable-shed Where the Virgin-Mother lay: A .....read more
Homeless - 'O! Christmas Day, Oh! happy day! A foretaste from above, To him who hath a happy home And love retu .....read more
St. Nicholas - In the far-off Polar seas, Far beyond the Hebrides, Where the icebergs, towering high, Seem to pierc .....read more
The Nativity Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ - Where is this stupendous stranger, Swains of Solyma, advise? Lead me to my Master's manger, Show me .....read more
O Bethlehem! - "For he is our peace." O Bethlehem, where Christ was born And angels watched him where he lay .....read more
Bethlehem - Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea. -Matthew 2:1. Bethlehem, where Christ was born .....read more
Christmas Fancies - When Christmas bells are swinging above the fields of snow, We hear sweet voices ringing from lands .....read more
The Second Coming - How will Christ come back again, How will He be seen, and where, Where His chosen way? Will He come .....read more
The Traveller - Bristling with steeples, high against the hill, Like some great thistle in the rosy dawn It stood; t .....read more
The Breaking Of Chains - Between the ringing of bells and the musical clang of chimes I hear a sound like the breaking of cha .....read more
Christmas Bells - Ring out, O bells, in joyful chime! Again we hail the Christmas time; In melting, mellow atmosphere, .....read more
Christmas-Tide - Let working-clothes be laid aside, And Industry in festal garb arrayed; Let busy brain and hand fro .....read more
Christmas at Church - 'Twas drawing near the holiday, When piety and pity met In whisp'ring council, and agreed That Chr .....read more
Coming to the King - I came from very far to see The King of Salem, for I had been told Of glory and of wisdom manyfold, .....read more
Hymn for Christmas Day - Saviour inspire the voice of earth, To hail the day that gave Thee birth; The Heavens resound in ble .....read more
Why Do Little Children Sing - Why do the bells of Christmas ring? Why do little children sing? Once a lovely shining star, Seen by .....read more
Christmas Hymn - Sing, Christmas bells! Say to the earth this is the morn Whereon our Savior-King is born; Sing to a .....read more
Christmas Eve - Oh, hush thee, little Dear-my-Soul, The evening shades are falling,-- Hush thee, my dear, dost thou .....read more
The Three Kings Of Cologne - From out Cologne there came three kings To worship Jesus Christ, their King. To Him they sought fine .....read more
Chrystmasse Of Olde - God rest you, Chrysten gentil men, Wherever you may be,-- God rest you all in fielde or hall, Or on .....read more
Christmas Morning - The angel host that sped last night, Bearing the wondrous news afar, Came in their ever-glorious fli .....read more
Bethlehem-Town - As I was going to Bethlehem-town, Upon the earth I cast me down All underneath a little tree That wh .....read more
Star Of The East - Star of the East, that long ago Brought wise men on their way Where, angels singing to and fro, The .....read more
Newborn Jesus - Lo! newborn Jesus, Soft and weak and small, Wrapped in baby's bands By His Mother's hands, Lord God .....read more
Chiming For Christmas - Whoso hears a chiming for Christmas at the nighest, Hears a sound like Angels chanting in their glee .....read more
Christ Is Born A King - A holy, heavenly chime Rings fulness in of time, And on His Mother's breast Our Lord God ever-Blest .....read more
Advent - This Advent moon shines cold and clear, These Advent nights are long; Our lamps have burned year aft .....read more
A Christmas Carol of Long Ago - In the bleak mid-winter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow ha .....read more
The Prince Of Peace - No trumpet-blast profaned The hour in which the Prince of Peace was born; No bloody streamlet sta .....read more
Speakin' O' Christmas - Breezes blowin' middlin' brisk, Snow-flakes thro' the air a-whisk, Fallin' kind o' soft an' light, N .....read more
Christmas In The Heart - The snow lies deep upon the ground, And winter's brightness all around Decks bravely out the forest .....read more
Ring Out, Ye Bells - Ring out, ye bells! All Nature swells With gladness at the wondrous story,-- The world was lorn, Bu .....read more
A Christmas Carmen - I. Sound over all waters, reach out from all lands, The chorus of voices, the clasping of hands; Sin .....read more
The Mystic's Christmas - "All hail!" the bells of Christmas rang, "All hail!" the monks at Christmas sang, The merry monks wh .....read more
The Christmas Of 1888 - Low in the east, against a white, cold dawn, The black-lined silhouette of the woods was drawn, And .....read more
The Three Kings - Hail! Hail thou wondrous little King! To Thy dear Feet Our offerings meet With bended knee we bring; .....read more
The Manifestation - God said; "Let there be light"; and in the East A star rose flaming from night's purple sea - The st .....read more
The Angel's Song - Soft and slow, soft and slow, With angels' wings of fire and snow, To rock Him gently to and fro. Fi .....read more
Joseph's Song - Little One, Little One, Saviour and Child, Father and Mother, my Husband and Son; Born of the lily, .....read more
Maid Mary's Song - Babe, dear Babe! Mine own, mine own, my heart's delight, The myrrh between my breasts at night, My l .....read more

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