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Poems on Christian Service

      Christian poetry featuring Christian service to God through serving others, in serving the Christ the King, with humility, gratitude and praise.

Evening of Life - Since the Evening of Life will soon close, While I live, may I justly incline To diffuse peace of he .....read more
Hymn to Humility - Of all the Christian virtues chief With modest charms, and mild relief, Most apt to heal the wounds .....read more
My King and Master - Christ my King, my Master, let my whole life be, Spent in blessed service only until Thee Let me se .....read more
Sweet Death - The sweetest blossoms die. And so it was that, going day by day Unto the church to praise and pray, .....read more
Dost Thou Not Care - I love and love not: Lord, it breaks my heart To love and not to love. Thou veiled within Thy glory, .....read more
Weary In Well-Doing - I would have gone; God bade me stay: I would have worked; God bade me rest. He broke my will from da .....read more
I Will Arise - Weary and weak,--accept my weariness; Weary and weak and downcast in my soul, With hope growing less .....read more
Take Care Of Him - "Thou whom I love, for whom I died, Lovest thou Me, My bride?"-- Low on my knees I love Thee, Lord, .....read more
A Candlemas Dialogue - "Love brought Me down; and cannot love make thee Carol for joy to Me? Hear cheerful robin carol from .....read more
Seed-Time And Harvest - As o'er his furrowed fields which lie Beneath a coldly-dropping sky, Yet chill with winter's melted .....read more
The Call Of The Christian - Not always as the whirlwind's rush On Horeb's mount of fear, Not always as the burning bush To Midia .....read more
First-Day Thoughts - In calm and cool and silence, once again I find my old accustomed place among My brethren, where, pe .....read more
Our Master - Immortal Love, forever full, Forever flowing free, Forever shared, forever whole, A never-ebbing sea .....read more
By Their Works - Call him not heretic whose works attest His faith in goodness by no creed confessed. Whatever in lov .....read more
Help - Dream not, O Soul, that easy is the task Thus set before thee. If it proves at length, As well it ma .....read more
The Quaker Of The Olden Time - The Quaker of the olden time! How calm and firm and true, Unspotted by its wrong and crime, He walke .....read more
Anniversary Poem - Once more, dear friends, you meet beneath A clouded sky: Not yet the sword has found its sheath, And .....read more
The Word - Voice of the Holy Spirit, making known Man to himself, a witness swift and sure, Warning, approving, .....read more

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