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Poems on Nature

      Poetry celebrating the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Rose-tinted mornings and noontides rare, and sunsets of crimson and gold are there!

To A Day Lily - What! only to stay For a single day? Thou beautiful, bright hued on Just to open thine eyes To the .....read more
Up The Nepigon - How beautiful, how beautiful, Beneath the morning sky, In bridal veil of snowy mist, These dreamy he .....read more
Frost Flowers - Over my window in pencillings white, Stealthily traced in the silence of night-- Traced with a penc .....read more
The Beechnut Gatherer - All over the earth like a mantle, Golden, and green, and grey, Crimson, and scarlet, and yellow, The .....read more
The Wayside Elm - Standing alone by the highway side, Stately, and stalwart, and tempest-tried, Staunch of body and st .....read more
Loved And Lost, Or, The Sky-Lark And The Violet - VIOLET'S SONG I. Come down from thy dazzling sphere, Bird of the gushing song! Come .....read more
I Am Doing No Good - "I am doing no good!" said a little rill, As it rippled along at the foot of a hill, "I am doing no .....read more
Autumn And Winter - I. Beautiful Autumn is dead and gone-- Weep for her! Calm, and gracious, and very fair, With .....read more
Balmy Morning - Balmy morning! blessed morning! Dew-drops bright All the emerald glade adorning In thy light-- In .....read more
The Tide - Landward the tide setteth buoyantly breezily,-- Landward the waves ripple sparkling and free,-- Ho, .....read more
Away To The Hills - Away to the hills, away!-- There is health in the summer air;-- The rustling bough, and the bendi .....read more
Sunset - The glorious sun, behind the western hills, Slowly, in gorgeous majesty, retires, Flooding the fount .....read more
Sweet Evening Bells - Soft evening bells!--sweet evening bells! O'er vale and plain your music swells, And far away Th .....read more
The Bird And The Stormcloud - Little bird, is that thy sphere, Yonder threat'ning cloud so near? Sunbeams blaze along its brow, Y .....read more
The Voice Of Spring - I heard a voice--twas the voice of Spring, Up from the rivulets murmuring, Singing of freedom,--thus .....read more
The Mountain Spring - I wandered down a mountain road, Past flower and rock and lichen gray, Alone with nature and her God .....read more
The Lilies - Emblems of Christ our Lord, Roses and lilies fair, These flowers in His word, His glory seem to shar .....read more
The Sleet - Regal the earth seems with diamonds today, Gemming all nature in blazing array; A picture more fairy .....read more
The Crocuses - They heard the South wind sighing A murmur of the rain; And they knew that Earth was longing To se .....read more
Dandelions - Welcome children of the Spring, In your garbs of green and gold, Lifting up your sun-crowned heads .....read more
Stars - Alone in the night On a dark hill With pines around me Spicy and still, And a heaven full of stars O .....read more
Response - I said this morning, as I leaned and threw My shutters open to the Spring's surprise, "Tell me, O Ea .....read more
Summer Hours - It is the year's high noon, The earth sweet incense yields, And o'er the fresh, green fields Bends .....read more
Apple Blossoms - I sit in the shadow of apple-boughs, In the fragrant orchard close, And around me floats the scente .....read more
Consider - Consider The lilies of the field whose bloom is brief:-- We are as they; Like them we fade away, As .....read more
Bird Or Beast - Did any bird come flying After Adam and Eve, When the door was shut against them And they sat down t .....read more
Symbols - I watched a rosebud very long Brought on by dew and sun and shower, Waiting to see the perfect flowe .....read more
The Lakeside - The shadows round the inland sea Are deepening into night; Slow up the slopes of Ossipee They chase .....read more

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