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Poems on Death and Heaven

      To live is Christ - to die is gain. These poems offer the sometimes pain and sadness in dying, but proclaim that sure hope that is beyond.

Drowned - The morning dawned without a cloud, But evening came with pall and shroud,-- With muffled step, and .....read more
My Brother James And I - We were playmates long together, By the brook and on the hill, In the golden, summer weather, When t .....read more
Brother, Rest - Rest, brother, rest! Thy eyes no more shall weep O'er unhealed anguish and unconquered sin; Thy peac .....read more
Heart Pictures - Two pictures, strangely beautiful, I hold In Mem'ry's chambers, stored with loving care Among the pr .....read more
Mary - Thus early with the dead-- Thou of the young, fair brow, the laughing eye, The light and joyous tr .....read more
Lines On The Death Of A Young Mother - A voice missed by the dear home-hearth-- A voice of music and gentle mirth-- A voice whose lingerin .....read more
At Home - I thought it pleasant when a manly sire Weary of foreign travel, at the door Of his own cottage left .....read more
Judson's Grave - He sleeps where the billow Lifts high its white crest O'er his lone, sea-weed pillow On Ocean's dark .....read more
Back To The Source Of Life - A light departed from the hearth of home, Leaving a shadow where its radiance shone,-- A flower just .....read more
Oh Take Me Where The Wild Flowers Bloom - Oh, take me where the wild flowers bloom! I'm dying, mother dear! And shades of ever deepening gloom .....read more
He Hath Done All Things Well - The dawn-light wakes, and brightens to the day, And the slow sun climbs the far eastern skies, Then, .....read more
The Silent Messenger - I sat beside a bed of pain, And all the muffled hours were still; The breeze that bent the summer gr .....read more
Under The Snow - Over the mountains, under the snow Lieth a valley cold and low, 'Neath a white, immovable pall, Des .....read more
Flowers By A Grave - Alien blossoms! tell me why Seek ye such a lonely place, Thus to bloom, and droop, and die Far away .....read more
Minniebel - Where the willow weepeth By a fountain lone,-- Where the ivy creepeth O'er a mossy stone,-- With pal .....read more
Marguerite - Lightly the shadows Play through the trees, Green are the meadows, Soft is the breeze,-- June's earl .....read more
Forever With The Lord - 'Tis but to fold the arms in peace, To close the tear-dimmed, aching eye, From sin and suffering to .....read more
At The Grave Of A Young Mother - A transient day, A troubled night, The swift decay, The certain blight, And death and dust;-- And .....read more
Stay, Mother, Stay - "Stay, mother, stay, for the storm is abroad, And the tempest is very wild; It's a fearful night wi .....read more
Gone Before - Thou art but gone before-- Gone to that unknown shore Toward which my feet are journeying s .....read more
November - But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice. -Psalm 5:11. November is so drear and .....read more
Gone - Upon time's surging, billowy sea A ship now slowly disappears, With freight no human eye can see, Bu .....read more
The Dying Bondman - Life was trembling, faintly trembling On the bondman's latest breath, And he felt the chilling press .....read more
A Little Child Shall Lead Them - Only a little scrap of blue Preserved with loving care, But earth has not a brilliant hue To me mo .....read more
Jamie's Puzzle - There was grief within our household Because of a vacant chair. Our mother, so loved and precious, .....read more
Nothing And Something - It is nothing to me, the beauty said, With a careless toss of her pretty head; The man is weak if he .....read more
The Night Of Death - Twas a night of dreadful horror,-- Death was sweeping through the land; And the wings of dark destr .....read more
Going East - She came from the East a fair, young bride, With a light and a bounding heart, To find in the dista .....read more
Let The Light Enter - The dying words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. "Light! more light! the shadows deepen, And m .....read more
Maceo - Maceo dead! a thrill of sorrow Through our hearts in sadness ran When we felt in one sad hour That .....read more
The Lost Bells - Year after year the artist wrought With earnest, loving care, The music flooding all his soul To p .....read more
To Die in Autumn - The melody of autumn Is the only tune I know, And I sing it over and over Because it thrills me so; .....read more
Sorrow and Joy - In sad procession borne away To sound of funeral knell, Affection's tribute thus we pay, And in eart .....read more
Honest John - He was a man whose lot was cast, As some might think, in lines severe; In humble toil whose life was .....read more
Little Charlie - A violet grew by the river-side, And gladdened all hearts with its bloom; While over the fields, on .....read more
For The Consecration Of A Cemetary - This verdant field that smiles to Heaven In Nature's bright array, From common uses set apart, We .....read more
Behold A Shaking - 1. Man rising to the doom that shall not err,-- Which hath most dread: the arouse of all or each; Al .....read more
No Man Knoweth His Sepulchre - When he, who, from the scourge of wrong, Aroused the Hebrew tribes to fly, Saw the fair region, prom .....read more
The Friend's Burial - My thoughts are all in yonder town, Where, wept by many tears, To-day my mother's friend lays down T .....read more
Vesta - O Christ of God! whose life and death Our own have reconciled, Most quietly, most tenderly Take home .....read more
Weep Not For Those - Weep not for those whom the veil of the tomb, In life's happy morning, hath hid from our eyes, Ere s .....read more
Is It Not Sweet To Think, Hereafter - Is it not sweet to think, hereafter, When the Spirit leaves this sphere. Love, with deathless wing, .....read more

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