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"What means this throng?" a blind man said,
Whilst begging by the highway side;
Begging and blind, and lacking bread,
His ears discern the living tide.
"Jesus of Nazareth passeth by,"
Was answered. Had he heard aright?
Oh, was the heavenly healer nigh,
He who could give the blind their sight?
"Jesus, have mercy!" lo, he cried,
"Oh, son of David, pity me!"
And when the jeering crowd deride,
His accents form a clearer plea.
Jesus stood still. A kindly voice
Bade him good cheer-"He calleth thee."
Thus must his lonely heart rejoice,
"He thinks of me; yes, even me!"
Bartimaeus found the Living Light
Who asked and granted his request.
His blinded eyes received their sight;
With joy he followed with the rest.
How oft when Jesus passes by,
The heart-blind hear but don't perceive,
Else how they would for mercy cry
Ere Christ their Lord should take his leave!
Like him of whom this story's told
They'd pray, "Lord Jesus, pity me!"
And find his power and love could fold
Them here and in eternity.

       - Nannie R. Glass

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