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  That Jewish Lad  


There is a lad here which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes. -John 6:9.

He must have been a thoughtful youth,
His name the record has not given,
But if his heart imbibed the truth,
'Tis written in the books of heaven.
A cipher in the multitude,
He followed with his meager store,
And far from his perception crude
The miracle that made it more.

With loaves and fishes few, this lad
By power and aid of one divine
Has made the hungry thousands glad
And God's providing power to shine.
When at the midweek hour of prayer
Ye faithful mourn your number few,
Pray He who fed that throng be there
Your faith and vigor to renew.

He will your meek petitions hear
Which, like those loaves and fishes small,
Will cause his glory to appear
In showers of blessing that will fall.
The centuries are sweeping by,
Bearing their millions gay and sad,
And wafting those to realms on high
Who follow with that Jewish lad.

       - Nannie R. Glass

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