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  Brethren, Go!  


Brethren, go! the day is bright'ning
    As the sultry noon steals on,
And the fields, already whit'ning,
    Tell of labor to be done.

There are toilsome days before you,
    Burdens that you may not shun,
Clouds will gather darkly o'er you,
    Reeds will fail you one by one.

Yet go forth to strong endeavor,
    'Neath the shadow of the cross;
He who calls will leave you never,--
    Never let you suffer loss!

Go; the voices of the dying
    Float on every passing breeze;
Tones of wild, imploring crying
    Come from lands beyond the seas!

Go where pain and sorrow languish,
    Go where Sin works strife and woe,
Cleanse Earth's stain, and heal her anguish,
    Jesus calls you--brethren, go!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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