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If all the sermons good men preach
And all the precepts that they teach
    Were gathered into one
Unbroken line of silver speech,
The shining filament might reach
    From earth unto the sun.

If all the stories ever told
By wild romancers, young or old,
    Into a thread were drawn,
And from its cable coil unrolled,
'Twould span those misty hills of gold
    That heaven seems resting on.

If every folly, every freak,
From day to day, from week to week,
    Is written in "The Book,"
With all the idle words we speak,
Would it not crimson many a cheek
    Upon the page to look?

If all the good deeds that we do
From honest motives pure and true
    Shall there recorded be,
Known unto God and angels too,
Is it not sad they are so few
    And wrought so charily?

       - Hattie Howard

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