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  A Parting Hymn  


Father in Heaven, to thee,
    Guardian and friend,
Lowly the suppliant knee
    Here would we bend!--
Blessing thee ere we part,
Each with a grateful heart,
    For all thy love doth send--
Plenteous and free!

Thanks for thy hand outspread
    Ever in power
O'er each defenceless head
    In danger's hour!
Thanks for the light arid love,
From thy full fount above--
    A rich and constant shower,
O'er us still shed!

Go thou with us, we pray,
    Whom duties call
To our high tasks away,
    Each one, and all,--
Go, with thy Spirit's might,
Go, with thy Gospel's light
    --Whatever may befall--
With us alway

Now let thy blessing rest
    On us anew--
Brother, and friend, and guest,
    Tried ones and true--
Till, all Our pirtings o'er,
Meeting, to part no more,
    In Heaven we renew
Friendships so blest

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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