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  Bright Thoughts For A Dark Day  


Will the shadows be lifted to-morrow?--
    Will the sunshine come ever again?--
Will the clouds, that are weeping in sorrow,
    Their glorious beauty regain?
Will the forest stand forth in its greenness?--
    The meadows smile sweet as before?--
And the sky, in its placid sereneness,
    Bend lovingly o'er us once more?

Will the birds sing again as we heard them,
    Ere the tempest their gentle notes hushed?--
Will the breeze float again in its freedom,
    Where lately its melody gushed?
Will the beautiful angel of sunset
    Drape the heavens in crimson and gold,
As the day-king serenely retireth,
    'Mid grandeur and glory untold?

Yea; the clouds will be lifted to-morrow,
    From valley, and hill-top, and plain;
And sunshine, and gladness, and beauty
    Will visit the landscape again;--
The forest, the field, and the river
    Will bask in the joy-giving ray;
And the angel of sunset, as ever,
    Will smile o'er the farewell of day.

For the longest day hastes to its ending,--
    The darkest night speeds to the day;--
O'er thickest clouds, ever, the sunbeam
    Shines on with unfaltering ray;--
Though thou walk amid shadows, thy Father
    Makes His word and his promises thine;
And, whatever the storms that may gather,
    At length thro' the gloom He will shine!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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