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  Take Care Of Him  


"Thou whom I love, for whom I died,
    Lovest thou Me, My bride?"--
Low on my knees I love Thee, Lord,
    Believed in and adored.

"That I love thee the proof is plain:
    How dost thou love again?"--
In prayer, in toil, in earthly loss,
    In a long-carried cross.

"Yea, thou dost love: yet one adept
    Brings more for Me to accept."--
I mould my will to match with Thine,
    My wishes I resign.

"Thou givest much: then give the whole
    For solace of My soul."--
More would I give, if I could get:
    But, Lord, what lack I yet?

"In Me thou lovest Me: I call
    Thee to love Me in all."--
Brim full my heart, dear Lord, that so
    My love may overflow.

"Love Me in sinners and in saints,
    In each who needs or faints."--
Lord, I will love Thee as I can
    In every brother man.

"All sore, all crippled, all who ache,
    Tend all for My dear sake."--
All for Thy sake, Lord: I will see
    In every sufferer, Thee.

"So I at last, upon My Throne
    Of glory, Judge alone,
So I at last will say to thee:
    Thou diddest it to Me."

       - Christina G. Rossetti

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