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  Back To The Source Of Life  


A light departed from the hearth of home,
    Leaving a shadow where its radiance shone,--
A flower just bursting into life and bloom,
    Lopped from its stem, the bower left sad and lone,--
A golden link dropped from love's precious chain,--
    Gem from affection's sacred casket riven,--
Of music's richest tones a missing strain,--
    A bird-note hushed in the blue summer heaven!

That light is gathered to its Source again,
    Though long its radiance will be missed on earth,
That flower, transplanted to a sunnier plain,
    Bloometh immortal where no blight has birth;
That missing link gleams in Love's chain above,--
    That lost gem sparkles on the Saviour's breast,--
That music-uttrance, tuned to holier love,
    Swells richly 'mid the anthems of the blest.
Thank God! there's nothing lost! A little while,
    And what ye miss will be your own again
E'en the dear clay once more will on you smile
    With life immortal throbbing in each vein
Tis well to leave your treasure with the Lord--
    With One so tender your beloved to see,--
Back to the Source of life a life restored--
    Then where your treasure is let your affections be!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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