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  Brother, Rest  


Rest, brother, rest! Thy eyes no more shall weep
    O'er unhealed anguish and unconquered sin;
Thy peaceful slumber, tranquilized and deep,
    Is marred no more by Earth's discordant din.
Calm are the skies above thy quiet bed,
    And calm is Earth in Summer-glories dressed,
And cool and sweet the fresh mould richly spread
    Above thy folded hands and peaceful breast.

Oh, could my voice thy placid slumber break,
    And win thee back to mortal scenes again,--
Bid thee, unblamed, thy heavenly paths forsake,
    Once more to walk with me 'mid care and pain,
I could not, dare not breathe the word, for thou
    Hast long enough toiled where the dark curse lies
On all Earth's fairest fruitage;--brother, now
    Thou seest the "goodly land" with unveiled eyes!

Oh no! I would not breathe that word, though life
    For me be sadder for the smile I miss;
For thou hast gained a home unreached by strife,
    Undimmed by tears--a home of changeless bliss!
There, in sweet fellowship with angels blessed,
    And all the crowned and glorified above,
In thy loved Saviour's longed-for presence rest,
    And bask forever in the light of LOVE!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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