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  Memory Bells  


Up from the spirit-depths ringing,
        Softly your melody swells,
Sweet as a seraphim's singing,
        Tender-toned memory-bells!
                The laughter of childhood,
                The song of the wildwood,
The tinkle of streams through the echoing dell,
                The voice of a mother,
                The shout of a brother.
Up from life's morning melodiously swell.

Up from the spirit-depths ringing
        Richly your melody swells,
Sweet reminiscences bringing,
        Joyous-toned memory-bells!--
                Youth's beautiful bowers,
                Her dew-spangled flowers,
The pictures which Hope of futurity drew,--
                Love's rapturous vision
                Of regions Elysian,
In glowing perspective unfolding to view.

Up from the spirit-depths ringing,
        Sadly your melody swells,
Tears with its mournful tones bringing,
        Sorrowful memory-bells!
                The first heart-link broken,
                The first farewell spoken,
The first flow'ret crushed in life's desolate track,--
                The agonized yearning
                O'er joys unreturning,
All, all with your low, wailing music come back.

Up from the spirit-depths ringing.
        Dirge-like your melody swells;
But Hope wipes the tears that are springing,
        Mournful-toned memory-bells!
                Above your deep knelling
                Her soft voice is swelling,
Sweeter than angel-tones, silvery clear,
                Singing:--in Heaven above,
                All is unchanging love,
Mourner, look upward, thy home is not here!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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