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Alone, alone!--the night is very silent,
    Voiceless the stars are, and the pallid moon
Through the unknown sends down no tone, no utt'rance
    To break the hush of midnight's solemn noon!
I stretch my arms toward the unanswering heavens,
    'Tis empty space,--no form, no shape is here!
I call,--no answer to my cry is given,
    Powerless my voice falls on Night's leaden ear!

Alone, alone!--I thought the dead were near me,--
    The holy dead.    E'en now, methought I heard
Low tones whose music long ago did cheer me,
    That shadowy hands the parting branches stirred
'Twas but the night wind's mournful sigh above me,--
    'Twas but the lonely streamlet's grieving tone,
No voice comes back from those who once did love me,--
    No white hand beckons--I am all alone!

Alone?--not so! One sacred, unseen Presence
    Fills the far depths, broods round me and above,
Enfolding all in His own Omnipresence,
    Pervading all with His unstinted love,
In Him I live, and move, and have my being,
    My soul's deep yearnings all to Him are known,
On me in kindness rests His eye all seeing,
    His arm upholds me,--I am not alone!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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