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"Now is the accepted time."

                    Now, sinner, now!
Not in the future, when thy longed-for measure
Thou hast attained, of fame, or power, or pleasure,
When thy full coffers swell with hoarded treasure,
                    Not then, but now.
God's time may not be thine. When thou art willing,
His Spirit may have taken flight forever,
No more thy soul with keen conviction filling,
Softening thy spirit to repentance never,--
                    Now, sinner, now!

                    Now, Christian, now!
Look round, and see what souls are daily dying;
List!--everywhere the voice of human crying
Smiteth the ear;--the moan, the plaint, the sighing,
                    Come even now.
Rise! gird thyself;--go forth where sorrow weepeth
And ease the pang. Where sin holds guilty revel,
Go tell of God! Where man securely sleepeth
On ruin's verge, go, warn him of the evil
                    Now, Christian, now!

                    Now, sinner, now!
Day waneth fast! The noon is spent! To-morrow
Is God's, not thine!--and dost thou hope to borrow
An hour from doom, when bursts the cloud of sorrow
                    That darkens now?
Nay; the red bolt, e'en now, vindictive flashes
The thunder rolls nearer, and still more near!
Hourly the tide of wrath more sternly dashes
On ruin's rocks!--oh, that thou wouldst but
                    Now, sinner, now!

                    Now, Christian, now
Gather thy sheaves--the harvest time is hasting
Gather thy sheaves--the precious grain is wasting!
Too many hours Earth's cup of nectar tasting
                    Thou'st wasted now!
Up, up!--the Master's coining steps already
Echoing adown the steeps of heaven are heard!
The angel-reapers, with firm hand and steady,
Stand, dim-descried, waiting the signal-word
                    Now, Christian, now!

       - Mrs. J. C. Yule

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