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  The Mother's Hymn  


Lord, who ordainest for mankind
    Benignant toils and tender cares!
We thank Thee for the ties that bind
    The mother to the child she bears.

We thank Thee for the hopes that rise,
    Within her heart, as, day by day,
The dawning soul, from those young eyes,
    Looks, with a clearer, steadier ray.

And grateful for the blessing given
    With that dear infant on her knee,
She trains the eye to look to heaven,
    The voice to lisp a prayer to Thee.

Such thanks the blessed Mary gave,
    When, from her lap, the Holy Child,
Sent from on high to seek and save
    The lost of earth, looked up and smiled.

All-Gracious! grant, to those that bear
    A mother's charge, the strength and light
To lead the steps that own their care
    In ways of Love, and Truth, and Right.

       - William Cullen Bryant

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